SpyCam Watcher protects you by monitoring your property.

SpyCam Watcher is free, easy to use Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for USB Webcams and Network Cameras. It combines Windows-based monitoring and recording software with iPhone/iPad-based remote viewing to protect your business, home, and family.

SpyCam Watcher works with a wide range of  network cameras and webcams from over 50 manufacturers. And with SpyCam Watcher Remote Control for iPhone/iPad you can monitor your home's front yard or your company's lobby or parking lot, from anywhere in the world.


How can professional camera monitoring software be free?

Spycam Watcher is a full-featured software package which uses the technology built into our flagship software package "Netcam Watcher Professional" Using the proven kernel of Netcam Watcher with selected advanced features, SpyCam Watcher is designed to be a powerful, reliable solution for single camera systems. 

We can offer Spycam Watcher for free because it is a demonstrator for Netcam Watcher. Also we do earn some sales from the iOS component, which costs $4.99

There are NO ADVERTS OR SPYWARE in Spycam Watcher


Intruder Captured on your PC when tripwire is crossed......Spycam Watcher sends alert to your iPhone, where you can connect and view the recorded action.

Motion Detection, Tripwires, Alarms, iPhone Alerts and more..

SpyCam Watcher literally watches your camera for you, and includes motion detection, disk space management, alarms, e-mail alerts, tripwires and much more. Aim your computer camera at your driveway, draw a "tripwire" line across the image of your driveway on your computer screen, and SpyCam Watcher's motion detector will alert you when any vehicle crosses the line and record what happens.

You can then check out what's happening using Spycam Watcher Remote Control from your iPhone or iPad. Give yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your property is safe and sound.

This is so different to the other phone apps that simply let you view remote cameras. Unless you happen to be viewing a camera at the right time you won't see anything. With Spycam Watcher, you can quickly see recordings of interest, when the motion detector detected motion, or your tripwire was crossed.

How SpyCam Watcher can protect and serve you:

  • Monitoring infants' bedrooms.
  • Protecting your company's parking lot.
  • Keeping your children safe.
  • Give yourself peace of mind while you are on vacation or away.
  • Keeping your pets out of trouble.
  • Monitoring Traffic or Customers.
  • Wildlife Watching.

  • ...and so much more.



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